Mystery Fruits: Craboo & Seagrapes

Summer is the season for new and mysterious fruits at the local fruit stands in San Pedro.  I stopped by this one yesterday (across from Ramon’s Village) to test two that are new to me.  Only $2bzd a bag…so why not.

Craboo (or nance) is a small yellow fruit with a very pungent smell.  The word rotten came to mind.  It is sold fresh or stewed in a jar filled with sugar water.  It has a thin skin, a kinda oily flesh and a small pit.  I did not enjoy.  It tastes to me like rotten apples.  My Belizean co-workers loved it.  Apparently if you mash it up and mix it with condensed milk, it is delicious.  I’ll take their words for that.  I guess it is all about what you grew up eating.
Craboo is on the left, Sea Grapes are on the right.

I’ll save the worst for last.  Sea Grapes.  They grow from trees in beachy areas and look just like clusters of real grapes.  But be careful before you pop this one in your mouth, it has a huge pit.  There is very little flesh.  The grapes are dark purple when ripe.  I can’t even describe the taste.  And my Belizean buddies even stayed away from this one.  Apparently they are abudant right now and better for jellies and wines than just eating.

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