New Recurring Column: Dear Crabby and/or Flabby

Introducing the two newest members of my Scoop team.  They are a father/daughter duo, Crabby and Flabby.  They will be accepting letters going forward if you are looking for any type of advice.  Please address all letters “Dear Flabby”, “Dear Crabby” or even “Dear Flabby and Crabby” if you think they can both bring something to the table.  From relationship to vacation advice, from make-up to hygiene, from family issues to dieting, from fitness to dating, San Pedro vs. the Mainland…. this is the team to consult.  ([email protected])

Let me give you some quick bios so you know where to direct your questions.

Flabby:  She is a slightly overweight, pubescent 16 year old Belizean/American who attends San Pedro High and has a heart of gold.  She has amazing insight for a girl her age despite her awkwardness.  She is slightly addicted to rice, beans, stew chicken and red hot Takis.  She knows all about dieting, Belize (both the mainland and the islands), vacationing and food.  She can’t wait to hear from you.

Crabby:  He is a 59-year old ex-writer for a famous US men’s magazine that fathered Flabby later in life with his 3rd (but not last) wife.  He has always been described as a “bit prickly but extremely intelligent”.  He left the US 17 years ago and has never been back.  He is never without an opinion.  This guy knows his stuff about sports, the outdoors, women, nightlife in San Pedro and moving to Belize.  Expect the cold hard truth from Crabby.

All questions are obviously anonymous.  Get writing now!  My new staff members can’t wait to hear from you.

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