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Pinocchio’s Italian Restaurant Grand Re-Opening

I arrived at the new Pinocchio’s Restaurant Grand Re-Opening right on time to take a few pictures before the common folks came.  Most of the top press in San Pedro were there:  Marty from, Tacogirl, the San Pedro Sun and me, of course…the place looked great.  And proves that I am a real blogger!  I’m press!  I am the Dianne Sawyer of San Pedro!

All the tables were covered with red white and green and the pizza oven was fired up.  Hmmm…this could be very promising.

Meet Hans (below obviously), he has lived on the island for 10 years and is the new owner.  He is German and a true Renaissance man.  During the night, he greeted us at the door, worked behind the bar (even instructing his bartender to tell guests they should ONLY drink mojitos thru a straw), made pizzas, served food, made speeches about his background and love of all things Italian, SANG ABOUT 5 ITALIAN SONGS to prove it, and visited every table.  I am not exactly sure how he did it.  He is actually a great singer, you guys will be impressed.

Jiminy Crickets, the food never stopped and was really, really, really good.

First course was appetizers…and there were about 15 of them.  From really tasty bruschetta and salamis to beef carpaccio, marinated eggplant, fried sardines and some delicious deep fried zucchini.  I saw some people go up for 3 or 4 plates (ok…that was just me) and the food never stopped coming.

Next up was pizza, pasta and salad.  He could hardly keep the pizzas on the table.  People were lining up at the oven to grab slices as it came out.  I think I even saw a woman reach into the red hot pizza oven to make sure she had it first.  But patience paid off…about 15 minutes later, there were pizzas of every flavor lining the bar and buffet table.

A fun crowd filled in and by the end of the night and like my stomach, the place was jam packed.

What a cutie.  Mary from San Pedro Sun newspaper.

Tips for the night:  Eat in moderation.  There is so much good food that when dessert comes out, you are really forcing yourself to try it.  Just the appetizers are enough for any person.  Try the mojitos.  They are 4/$20 and delicious.  Not too sweet.  Hans is waiting for his ordered muddler (to mash the mint).  So if you happen to have an extra, bring it by tonight.  Last tip, GO TO THIS EVENT TONIGHT!

Day 2 of this eating festival is tonight, July 8th.  6pm.  At Pinocchio’s on the same street as Living Word Church and Pedro’s Inn.   Start fasting now.  $20bzd and I promise you will not leave hungry or unhappy.

****NOTE:  As a October 1, 2011, Pinocchio’s has closed.  The excellent owner and chef has moved off the island****

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