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Re-Opening of Pinocchio Restaurant

There are lots of restaurants on Ambergris Caye but not a huge amount of variety.  Want an Indian curry?  You need to get it shipped from the mainland. French food?  Out of luck.  Real bagel with lox and cream cheese?  You will be laughed out of town.

I was pleased to see this very authentic Italian restaurant open a few years ago.  I know they have been closed for about a month but I just received an email from Pinocchio Restaurant about their re-opening this week. 

Let me give some information about the restaurant.  I have eaten there (in the actual restaurant) once and loved it.  Many nights after consumming a few drinks, I will pick up a margerita pizza on the way home and devour the whole thing.  Or if I’ve had lots of drink, I will commission a taxi to pick one up for me.  I love them.  Thin crust, very NY, very fresh, FAST and very different from other pizzas that they serve on the island.  I like the place.  And I love the pizza baked in a real pizza oven.

But I’ve heard different feedback from other.  Some think the portions are too small, some think it is expensive, some don’t like the pizza at all.  Probably in response to those critiques, Pinocchio’s is changing things up.

There are always different opinions about every place.  But as you might know, I think I have impeccible taste.  Check it out (it’s on the same street as Pedro’s Inn, just a bit south).  AND BE SURE TO WEAR SOME MOSQUITO REPELLANT…this place is one street back from the sea and can be a bit buggy.  Particularly this time of year.

Here is the update that I received from the owner: 

“on Friday and Saturday July 8 and 9, 2011 Pinocchio Italian Restaurant
will re-open and stay open all slow season for delicious Italian food.

For the 2 opening days we’ll offer an all-you-can-eat-event with lots of
Italian starters, salads, 10 different pastas, 5 different pizzas and
some desserts for just 20 BZ$ (GST included) and some Italian life
songs. There will be special drink offers like 4 shots of Amaretto for
just 20 BZ$, 4 Campari with soda water or orange juice for just 20 BZ4
or (not very Italian but my favorite drink) 4 Mojitos for just 20 BZ$.

But we’re not going to take unlimited guests – we have 53 seats and will
limit to 60 guests each night. But no worries – there will be
all-you-can-eat nigts for 20 BZ$ once a week from end of July or early
August. We’ll also organize theme nights, cooking classes and Saturday
afternoon Backgammon lessons and as soon as we’re Ok with the
organization of the dinners we’re going to open for lunch from Monday
till Friday with one quick 3-course lunch each day for 20 BZ$, salads
and lots of Italian food.”

Guys, Let me know what you think.  Four shots of amaretto?  Good god.

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