Recent Happenings At Pedro’s Inn

Pedro’s Inn/Hotel is a busy hotel/hostel/bar/pizza joint just south of town. 

Here is what’s going on.  Pizza.  Don’t fret about lack of good pizza if you are visiting or moving here, there is some really great pizza on the island.  (This is coming from a New Yorker).  And Pedro’s is always delicious.   And now you can also order Cheesy/Garlic breadsticks (or maybe you could always get them) and they are AWESOME.  They have now replaced the veggie pizza as my go-to order.

Did you know that Friday night is ALL YOU CAN EAT PIZZA night for only $25bzd?  Fast all day and get down here!

The buildings at Pedro’s are being spruced up.  You may have driven past the new hotel over the past year and wondered if it is a mental institution (very “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest) or maybe an orphanage or maybe even a halfway house.   You’d never know the rooms in this structure are actually really nice.  (A/C, TVs, private bathrooms).  It is all white on white on white on white. 

It’s time to give this building a new paint job.  A nice bright sign.  Some tropical colored banisters and window sills.  Michael (below) is just the man to help.  He has designed some cool lettering and artwork that will be developing over the next week or two.  I’ll keep you updated.

Here’s Michael with  his pitbull, Prince Edward.  (Don’t worry about the prince even though he looks like he could shake a two year old to death in about 30 seconds.  He is a big sweetheart).

Three days later.  (This is a slow moving process…luckily the painter is not paid hourly).

Also, last Wednesday afternoon Maureen (who does the Aqua Aerobics class at the local pool 3x a week) prepared a ridiculously impressive curry lunch for a crowd of hungry ingrates.  She is on the right and her handy helper Carol is on the left.

Lastly, if you have a chance, stop by in the evenings to meet Carrie and have a few jager shots.  She has been bartending for a few months now, is very laid back and she’s got some great tattoos.  Take a look at this number.  That is someone with a real love of the ocean.
For more information check:  And there will be more to come since I am now working at Pedro’s 3 days a week.

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