Results from My Most Recent Poll

When I started blogging, I received some great comments and also a bunch of negative feedback.  By the way, is BLOG the the ugliest word in the English language…other than maybe pus or phlegm or slurp or moist or most words of Yiddish origin? 

I was told by a few that I was painting San Pedro in a negative light and that I would never understand the San Pedrano culture.  I agree with neither of those statements (of course) and thought I would do a bit of a poll.

You could choose  —> My blog tone is:

Too Negative 0%
Not Negative Enough:  7%
Just Right?  89%
I don’t care for it At All:  4%

Well, there you go.  I have achieved that rare balance.  I am the Goldilocks of bloggin’.  Here is my photo.

Please vote in my new poll…released NOW!

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