The Best Belizean Rum is Declared at PEDRO’S INN!

Last night, Pedro’s hosted a $20bzd all you can drink rum party and fight night.  People were enjoying all four rum selections with coke, soda, punch, anything!  It was Caribbean Rum (Cuello’s) vs. Travellers.  A fight until the last rum is standing.

Many came out…many drank shots and a winner was declared.

Here are the dark and white rum mascots, Jambo and Charlie.  Asleep most of the night, even with all the excitement, they are quick to assume this pose when pizza appears.
Some of our tasters.

Jamie was both the pourer and the sober tabulator of the ballots.

 Congratulations to Forrest.  His voting ballot was chosen and he won a free pizza!

It was a battle until the bitter end.  A few took their judging roles a bit too seriously and needed a bit of help getting into their taxis at the end of the night.

But there was a winner!

Here are the votes:   Caribbean Dark A, 8 votes    Travellers Gold, 33 votes.  

Caribbean White C, 15 votes   and Travellers White, 13 votes.  Result:  Inconclusive on white.

Belize’s favorite rum is:  TRAVELLER’S GOLD!

Thanks everyone for showing up, drinking and voting.  Fun times!

And I apologize for the fuzzy pics.  As usual the A/C is cranking in Peter’s, and my lense is constantly fogged.  I’ll give that a good clean today.

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