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Thursday Night in San Pedro: Elvi’s Kitchen, A Movie in the Park & Salsa

The best Key Lime Pie in San Pedro can be found at Elvi’s Kitchen on Middle Street.  We decided to have a piece..only one piece each.  I know I promised dieting and healthy eating but this is research!  One piece only.  But as soon as we sat down and the restaurant smelled so good, we knew that we were going to need an appetizer.

Elvi’s Kitchen was opened in 1974 as a small take-out stand next to a large tree so that people could eat underneath it.  Now the restaurant has seriously expanded, the tree has passed away (rest in peace, buddy) but still stands in the middle of the much expanded dining room.  With wooden benches, bright colored tropical art, old turtle shells, and sand on the floor, the restaurant has an authentic feel.  And the service is great.   But I always go for the frozen Key Lime Pie.  It is delicious.  Tart with ginger snap crust and whip cream.  You need to try it when you visit. 

Many love the Mayan Buffet that they do on Friday nights.  I’ll be honest, I’ve never been.  I’m always a bit wary of buffets.  But that’s just me, they always have a great crowd. 

The calamari with a sweet tamarand sauce.  Delicious but not as good as the calamari at Blue Water Grill on the beach (one of my other favorite restaurants).  Like with key lime pie, I am a serious calamari connoisseur.
And the best thing ever…the Key Lime Pie.  SO SO good.  Here is Alberto serving us.
On the way home we passed “movie night” in Central Park…there were kids everywhere.
Many young boys were drawn away from the movie and across the street to the Cuban Cafe. where they were BLASTING salsa music and dancing young ladies  The draw?  BLASTING salsa music and young ladies dancing on the deck.  Strange marketing ploy.  It didn’t seem to bring in one customer.  How could you eat with that loud music or these girls grinding their hips practically on top of your table?  But the male youth of San Pedro seemed to be transfixed.

We passed the pupusa lady on the way out of town and you know I must have been stuffed since I wasn’t even tempted.  Yum pupusas.  Pork and cheese, cheese solo, spinach and cheese, lobster and cheese and my favorite, pumpkin (zucchini) and cheese.

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