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Wadda Gwan: Blackbeard’s Hideout Part 2

I was walking down Front Street yesterday and was recognized by a man on a golf cart!  I’M A WORLD FAMOUS BLOGGER!  I’M A SUPERSTAR!  Autograph?  No.  Photo op with the family?  No.  He just shouting at me “so you’re that blogger.”

It was the new owner of Blackbeard’s Hideout (recently featured in my “Wadda Gwan” column).

He was very cagey about his plans.  In fact, he wouldn’t tell me one thing.  A challenge!  I’m gonna be like the paparazzi all over you guys.

So, I took some pictures on my way home.  Something drastic is happening over at the Old Thirsty Tiger.  And I will find out what it is.

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