Wadda Gwan: Steve & Becky’s Cute Little Hotel

I’ve been by this place SO many times.  It is right across Coconut Drive from Ramon’s Village (one of the biggest and oldest beachfront hotels on the island).  It was always my understanding that it was owned by Ramon’s Village, they used the same facilities but it was just a little cheaper and not on the beach.

The place is very cute…pastel wooden houses with gingerbread trim, a little tropical court yard…but honestly, over the past few years, I haven’t seen a soul there.  And the garden has been very overgrown.

Just a month or two ago, the whole place was given a fresh paint job (it had been getting shabby) and the garden was cleaned up.  And only last week, they took down the “Steve and Becky’s” sign. 

New owners?  Or just new sign coming in for a grand re-opening?  My nosiness has lead me to ask:  Wadda gwan?  And who the heck are Steve and Becky?

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