Wild Mango’s Should Be One of Your Favorite Lunch Spots

When I first moved to San Pedro, I was a hard core Wild Mango’s fan.  (It’s in the center of town on the beach and does lunch and dinner.) I could (and would) eat the BLT with avocado on fresh homemade bread 2x a week.  Easy.  But when I started working more, I fell off a bit.  AND NOW I’M BACK!   This place is good.

It is my favorite and most recommended lunch spot.  And it is always crowded.  Even in August…which is not easy. 
They have a great location.  I mean…look at this view.

And the place is decorated very cute.  Wooden deck and these old buoys hanging from the ceiling.

Sadly, the BLT is no longer on the menu, but now I always get the same thing.  Amy’s Chef Salad and a caipirinha.  Today, I got the drink but my friend who invited me out wanted to try some of the appetizers.  They too were delish.  (He had a $100 gift certificate that he won at some event…sorry Wild Mango’s).

This drink is GOOD!  I’m not sure that it is even on the menu anymore but make sure you get one.  It’s a mojito with no mint.  (The secret is a little Triple Sec).

We had some outrageously good ceviche.  Tuna, coconut milk, cilantro…all on plaintain chips.  I could have taken a bath in that stuff.  I acutally licked the bowl.  In fact, I’m gonna get some for lunch today.   And these eggrolls stuffed with chicken, beans, corn and deliciousness.  This is THE place you want to have lunch in town.

My brother and sister-in-law came to visit a few years ago and they are STILL raving about the ceviche trio that they serve at Mango’s. 

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