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Your San Pedro Town Weekly Bar Score Card

You might want to print out a small laminated copy of this for your wallet.  My little codes are listed in the key at the bottom.

Mon:  Crazy Canuck’s,  Live Local Music (lots of punta & dancing) 8pm to Late (LPC)
           Martini Monday at Banana Beach/El Divino, 4pm to close(LK)
           Karaoke at Croc’s Bar, 8pm to Late
           Poker at Pedro’s Inn starts at 7pm

Tues:  Live local Music at Tacklebox 9pm to 1am  (LPC)
           Karaoke at Fido’s, evening
           Coming soon…Hermit Crab Races at Pedro’s Inn betting starts at 6pm (KF

Wed:  Karaoke at Roadkill Bar
          Wing Wednesday at Lola’s Bar & Ban Mi Belize  $1 each  6pm to 9pm (LK)
           Poker at Pedro’s Inn at 7pm
           Late Night Wet Willies 10pm to 2am (LPC!!!!)

Thurs: Chicken Drop @ Wahoo’s Lounge with live music starting, 6pm sharp. (KF)
            Karaoke at Rehab (outside of Jaguars)

Fri:      $25bzd All You Can Eat Pizza Party at Pedro’s Inn (KF)
             Fido’s, Fun and busy night for live music and drinking.  Music starts at 9pm.

Sat:   Wet Willy’s Karaoke with Raul, 8-Midnight.
          Jaguar’s NightClub. (Usually a cover charge).  Late to later.  (LPC

Sun:   Crazy Canuck’s – BBQ, Horseshoe Tournament and Live Music, Noonish (KF)
           Fido’s, Dennis Wolfe Jam 12-4pm (KF)

KF = Kid Friendly     LK = Generally Low Key    LPC = Late, Party Crowd

Obviously there are TONS of other bars in town to just hang out in and have a drink. Also, I’m sure I forgot something, please send me an email if you want to be included in my next update.  Also, a restaurant special event schedule will be coming.

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2 thoughts on “Your San Pedro Town Weekly Bar Score Card

  1. Jason Southwell

    Might want to list Poker at Captain’s Casino too… Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. All starts at 6:30pm with free drinks and food for players.

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