Your San Pedro Town Weekly Bar Score Card

You might want to print out a small laminated copy of this for your wallet.  My little codes are listed in the key at the bottom.

Mon:  Crazy Canuck’s,  Live Local Music (lots of punta & dancing) 8pm to Late (LPC)
           Martini Monday at Banana Beach/El Divino, 4pm to close(LK)
           Karaoke at Croc’s Bar, 8pm to Late
           Poker at Pedro’s Inn starts at 7pm

Tues:  Live local Music at Tacklebox 9pm to 1am  (LPC)
           Karaoke at Fido’s, evening
           Coming soon…Hermit Crab Races at Pedro’s Inn betting starts at 6pm (KF

Wed:  Karaoke at Roadkill Bar
          Wing Wednesday at Lola’s Bar & Ban Mi Belize  $1 each  6pm to 9pm (LK)
           Poker at Pedro’s Inn at 7pm
           Late Night Wet Willies 10pm to 2am (LPC!!!!)

Thurs: Chicken Drop @ Wahoo’s Lounge with live music starting, 6pm sharp. (KF)
            Karaoke at Rehab (outside of Jaguars)

Fri:      $25bzd All You Can Eat Pizza Party at Pedro’s Inn (KF)
             Fido’s, Fun and busy night for live music and drinking.  Music starts at 9pm.

Sat:   Wet Willy’s Karaoke with Raul, 8-Midnight.
          Jaguar’s NightClub. (Usually a cover charge).  Late to later.  (LPC

Sun:   Crazy Canuck’s – BBQ, Horseshoe Tournament and Live Music, Noonish (KF)
           Fido’s, Dennis Wolfe Jam 12-4pm (KF)

KF = Kid Friendly     LK = Generally Low Key    LPC = Late, Party Crowd

Obviously there are TONS of other bars in town to just hang out in and have a drink. Also, I’m sure I forgot something, please send me an email if you want to be included in my next update.  Also, a restaurant special event schedule will be coming.

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