5 Reasons You Should Be In San Pedro on September 21st

People think of visiting Belize around big holidays like Christmas, New Years and Easter or for Lobsterfest or Costa Maya.  And those days/events are all great.  But when asked, my favorite holiday BAR NONE is September 21st, Independence Day in Belize.  You need to experience it one time.  Hurricanes be damned.This year, Belize turns the big 30!  And you have time to get down here.  Why?

1.  Cheap Airfare and hotels.  In September, when Americans/Canadians/Gringos are back to school and back to work, airfare to the Caribbean in general is at its cheapest.  Send an email to your hotel…I am sure they can give you a discount.

2.  EVERYONE in Belize has the day off and is ready to party.  Banks are closed, government offices…it’s a big day.  The Belikins open at about 7am.

3.  THE JUMP UP PARADE!  I’ve talked about this before.  It is fantastic.  San Pedro at it’s very best.  Schools, dance groups, bands, DJs, tour companies, the local lumber yard, the police, the firemen, anyone with a golf cart or bike, bars, everyone has huge floats, elaborate costumes and lots of drunken dancing.  You need to be part of this.  Here are some of my pictures over the years.

Hundreds of high school kids.

A guy ROASTING in a giant felt lumber costume.  And still dancing.

Cute little boys recreating the Coat Of Arms in the middle of the Belize flag.
In the shade, we flourish.

4.  There are so few tourists and you truely get to feel Belizean.  Everyone down here is in the proudest, most loving mood…the parade will bring tears to your eyes.  (But small town parades in the US do the same to me.  I’m a total patriotism sucker).

5.  The September 20th HUGE midnight fireworks display over the water and all night block party

So…what is your excuse?  I can’t say enough good things.  Get on-line now and book your long weekend!

Start memorizing the Belizean Anthem.  www.belizephonecard.com/Belize/belizeanthem.htm will provide you with the music and lyrics.  START SINGING!

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