A Great Lunch Salad and Cocktail in San Pedro

Wild Mango’s on the beach is one of the best places to eat in San Pedro.  And it is always my favorite for lunch.  I went last week for some guacamole and a salad and it was as delicious as usual.

Here are some pictures of Mango’s and the cute t-shirts that the staff wear and so can you.

Salads are not the normal lunch fare on the island.  Lettuce, as you can imagine, doesn’t grow in salty sand or in this type of heat and is imported from the mainland.  Good lettuce can be $6-8bzd a head.  Plus, I was never really much of a salad person.  But the more you don’t have something, the more you crave it.  (Must be why I woke up at 3am last night craving Wendy’s Chicken Nuggets with a side of fresh cherries.)

Ok…first things first.  Let me try the Mango Mint Mojito while I peruse the menu.

Mango’s makes a mean tropical chef salad.  It’s called Amy’s Chef Salad and it’s got a tropical twist.  (Amy Knox is one of the most “decorated” chef on the island.  She went to the Culinary Institute, worked at Victoria House for years and has won many awards.  Let me also mention that her daughter is San Pedro’s very own Miss Chiquitita 2011?  see the picture at the bottom).   But let’s get back to the salad:  Cashews, hearts of palm, Mango Lime dressing, chicken, beets, avocado, pineapple, pickled onions…this thing is delicious.  We both ordered one.

I also hear that the relatively new Red Ginger make a great salad.  That will have to be my next stop.

One quick side note:  This guy was waving to me furiously from the dock.  Hmmmm…in a Tuff Enuff uniform…but I do not know this person.  I didn’t even recognize him until he was right here and took off his sunglasses.  WICKED!  (Yes, that’s his name.)  He worked at Aqua Dives/Aqua Scuba, had dreads and is quite a personality around town.  With a new haircut and a new job, I think he’s looking pretty good.

Amy and her daughter Gabby.  Freakin’ cute.

Here is the link to information about Wild Mango’s.  Make sure to become a fan on Facebook too.

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