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Are Lizards Poisonous?

My NYC cat had never been outside in her life and now that she has moved to Belize she can’t get enough of it.  She is allowed a few hours a day (when the bugs aren’t bad) and doesn’t wander very far.  Mostly she just harasses the gardening guys, crying for attention to people that want nothing to do with her.  But this small taste of freedom brings a taste for something else.  She cannot stop catching and killing lizards and geckos.

When I came home yesterday afternoon, she was tormenting a small lizard in my stairwell.  She pulled off half of its tail and one of its legs…the usual perverse game that cats like to play.

 As I approached, she eyeballed me suspiciously knowing that I was going to set it free or put it out of its misery.

Her plan to stop me?  She quickly crunched the whole thing down…ate it.  Bone breaking crunches.  And then gave me the “screw you” look….can’t get it now, can you? 

Yuck.  Oh Poochie, I certainly hope these things aren’t poisonous. Perhaps I’d better feed her more…

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