Back from Tulum: A Look at the Hostels and Just Some Random Pics

Yesterday was another day of travel back from Tulum, MX to San Pedro, BZ.  First, we had breakfast at Azafran, our favorite spot in the town.  And took a picture with our waitress for 4 days.  Super sweet and yes, she is actually standing up.

We went about the return trip the same way as we arrived:  ADO Bus from Tulum to Chetumal.  (Look at these buses!  Wi-Fi, A/C, reclining seats and everything!)
And then San Pedro Belize Express Water Taxi from Chetumal to San Pedro.  OF COURSE, it was a beautiful day (after two severely crappy ones in Tulum)

We seriously thought about postponing the trip another day.
Final Random Tulum stuff:
We took an hour out of our last evening in Tulum to visit some of the local hostels.  Tulum is swarming with young travelers and back packers from all over the world.  In the summer, you are far from the majority in town if you are a dreadlock-less white person, you don’t have two giant backpacks (one on the front and one on the back), you are a woman who shaves your armpits or you are speaking English.   
Hotels in Tulum town are quite reasonable in the first place.   Bed & Breakfasts and small hotels seemed to be about $50-65 usd a night.  But if you are roaming Central America on a VERY TIGHT budget, you can get much much cheaper.
Almost directly outside the bus station, this place appears to be a store front (or several store fronts, one is a very cute cafe) but opens into a huge outside space surrounded by rooms.  In the garden, there is a bar, a stage for performers, a tented beer garden, a hammock garden, a pretty big communal kitchen…and there were lots of young travelers sitting around socializing.  The place was packed.  A pretty cool way to meet people, talk about where you’ve been and where you are going.  I was impressed.

I met Abraham, one of the owners…super nice guy.  And for $10usd and up, you get a tons of amenities.  Free shuttles to the beach or ruins and breakfast (you prepare…they give you the pancake batter, you cook it), it seems hard to beat.

I think if I was 15 years younger and not such a giant fan of my own bathroom, I’d give this one a try.

Follow the bright yellow garbage cans for about a 5 minute walk at the edge of the small town and you arrive at:

Hostel Casa Del Sol

A stand alone house on a very nice street.  This place is very cute.  Hammocks, common area, kitchen, lockers, WI-FI, a very very small pool (or in my mind, large communal bath tub).

A much more quiet neighborhood…I guess it all depends on what you are looking for.

Eating can be relatively cheap too.  While there are fantastic restaurants around town that are a bit pricier, there are plenty of small local taco y torta stands all over the place.  Here is a pretty popular one.  For a dollar or two, you can stuff yourself with pork tacos or tamales for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Here are some random things I saw around Tulum.

Interesting Sign and overly descriptive

These monkeys were taunting you everywhere…to come have their delicious gelato.  It seems to be quite the chain in Tulum.

A Preacher who had just visited Tulum.  Helps with cancer, diabetes and more!  Damn.  I am one month late.

This crazy cactus plant with this giant star shaped hairy “flower” that was way too big for this plant.  Apparently some fly lays an egg in there and it dies immediately.  (Or at least I think that is what the lady was telling me)

Tulum has a bunch of very cool and colorful art and knick knack shops.

A flamboyant tree in full bloom in town.

This curious log chair at the Om Hotel on the ridiculously gorgeous beach.

I love you Tulum and will be back as soon as I can.  I don’t want to wait a whole year this time.  (And for those of you asking, I felt perfectly safe).  Police presence is HUGE.  Tourist police, transit police, municipal police, federal police, these guys are everywhere with some serious fire power.  To me, that is a good thing.

Blah, blah, blah…enough Tulum.  I’m back in San Pedro now and going sailing in an hour.  Talk to you guys later!

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