Dark & Stormy in Belize

There has been quite a bit of night time rain and lightning over the past few days.  And each morning tends to look something like this.

These pictures were taken about 10 minutes ago.  Thunder is rumbling over the perfectly flat ocean…but no rain yet.

Perhaps I will wait until noon and pour myself my Belizean version of a Dark ‘N’ Stormy.  Why not?  Dieting doesn’t start until September 1st.

2 oz One Barrel Rum, Gingerale and a few slices of lime.  Ice, a stir, enjoy!

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  • Erika

    Mmmmm, I love me a D&S. There is a bar here that makes them hella good.

  • Me

    So delicious. And hard to mess up. Mine…all three of them…were perfect.