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Good Morning San Pedro & A Few Amateur Butterfly Pictures

One of the few perks of having a bit too much to drink and going to bed way early is that you are awake to see the sunrise.  It’s a nice and very breezy day.  The clouds are starting to burn off…here you go.

And yes, 5 weeks of taking pictures with my little Canon and I think I’m the Ansel Adams of Belize.  So what?  Let me have it.

Also, anyone who has been down here for the past few weeks has certainly noticed thousands of yellow butterflies all travelling south.  They are everywhere.  And  like ghosts, they are very difficult to photograph (well at least for me).  Here’s all I got.  There is lots of information this year on the internet about the type, timing, where they are going…take a look.

Catching them flying?  Almost impossible even though the air has been full of them.  But whatever this plant is…make sure it is in your yard.  It is some sort of feast for these guys.  Each bush we have around here is covered with hungry b-flies.

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