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Hurricane Irene? Seriously?

I never thought I’d be in Belize and talking to my mother (in Ridgewood, NJ, USA) about how she can prepare for a major hurricane.  Or watching on TV, a town that I lived in for 5 years -Hoboken, NJ evacuate.  Very, very strange.

As my high school friend, Laura pointed out:  it must be seriously bad when they are suspending the tolls on the NJ Turnpike!

I lived in that area my whole life and only remember a few scares.

Hurricane David in 1979 did quite a bit of wind damage, lots of fallen trees.

Hurricane Gloria in 1985, my brother and I were in the basement for the storm but luckily, not much action in our area.

Hurricane Floyd, 1999, we were sent home early from work at the World Financial Center by the city of NY.   A very big deal but not much happened.

Be safe and my advice from Belize?  Listen to all the warnings.  Way better to be overly safe and overly prepared.  And then you can wake up Monday morning (I hope) and think “it was no big deal”.

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