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I Almost Forgot About Poll Results, Your Favorite Late Night Spots

So…I wanted to know what you party animals like to do late night in San Pedro.  My recent favorite thing to do is sleep but I didn’t include that on the list.  Here are your answers to my recent poll.

Number 5:  3% of you like Jaguars:  I am surprised by this since it seems like the most popular weekend club around.  In fact, with Big Daddy’s closed, it all that you very late nighters have.  The crowd is generally mixed but mostly Belizeans and very young.  It can be fun.  Particularly after about 8 drinks.  Tip?  Do not stumble out at 3am drunk and get a beef taco from across the street.  Tastes good at night, bad in the morning.

This ridiculous papier mache jaguar’s head is a favorite photo stop for tourists.

Number 4:  7% of you like Big Daddy’s:  Again, surprising.  Big Daddy’s is the oldest bar in San Pedro but has been through many changes over the past 35 years.  It has a reputation for being a bit rough.  Now closed for a while (or maybe permanently), it is a big cement windowless bunker with various outside bars clinging to the side.  The inside can be fun (again, if you are very drunk)…but it is dark, with trecherous wooden staircases and a bathroom that would shock even someone with the lowest standards.

Number 3:  9% of you like Wet Willy’s Ladies Night on Wednesdays:  Certainly the biggest week night party.  Complete with a DJ, very loud music and almost complete darkness.  The place is usually empty until around 10.30-11pm and then packs up.  Men pay $10bzd (and get a free beer or rum inside) at the door and women are free (hence the name).    Wet Willy’s is at the north side of town out on a pier.  Careful when you walk off the dock late night…it seems to move.  Also work on saying NO firmly to avoid cling-ons.

Look how innocent it looks during the day.

Number 2:  22% of you prefer Staying in:  I am a big fan of this option.  So many reality shows, so little time.  Who wants to waste time talking to actual people?  I’m kidding.  I spent many nights going out late.  Time to refresh.

Number 1!:  50% of you prefer a Quieter Bar:  Bars in San Pedro are required to close at midnight.   The only exception?  Night clubs.  Jaguars and Big Daddy’s which are soundproofed and a few “special” exceptions (though the number of these exceptions seems to be growing daily).   Most of your guys prefer just drinking until midnight at various local bars like BCs, Fido’s, Crazy Canuck’s, Pedro’s Inn or many, many more.

Vote in my new poll…where do you like to stay on the island…each area definitely has its pluses and minuses.  I’ll let you know both (in my mind) when the poll closes.

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