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Last Full Day In Tulum… Not A Total Washout

I love Tulum.  Love it.

I woke up yesterday morning, 38 years old and it was raining.  And grey.  We went for some chocolate croissants at the newish bakery, Cafe Mot Mot (really good by the way) and tried to wait it out for a few hours.

Better, I guess, to wait it out at the beach.  Back to Om Beach Club only about a 10 minute taxi ride away.

We had a few birthday beers and I went for a walk.  I have no idea how a beach this beautiful can exist with so few big ugly resorts or big ugly condo units.  It is the perfect vacation spot.  Miles of pristine white sand and perfect clear water.  (Obviously it looks even better when the sun is shining and it was a bit seaweedy after the storm).

Most of the buildings are very Robinson Crusoe.   The beach never feels crowded and it is so laid back (I spotted a naked woman practicing yoga.  Why not?), so litter free.  You can´t get enough of this place.  I´m smitten.  Why hasn´t this place been ruined yet?  Only one hour south of Playa Del Carmen?  The developers need to up their game.

No wonder Pablo Escobar had a vacation home here.  I certainly know where I am buying land when I strike it big like he did.

I´d gladly set up a hammock right here…30 feet from the ocean and live out the rest of my life.

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2 thoughts on “Last Full Day In Tulum… Not A Total Washout

  1. Chuck

    First of all, Happy Birthday.

    I was just turned on to your blog and find it very informative. I have an extreme amount of interest in Belize for retirement purposes.

    You seem to not have much diffilculty coming back and forth to Mexico, is this true? How is the area of that part of Mexico, The only thing I hear of Mexico is all the gang violence? Is this area excluded from all that? It is a very nice place by your pictures.

    Any information about transferring from the United States would be greatly appreciated.


  2. Me

    Getting to Mexico is easy and there are a couple options to do it. The transportation system is amazing. There has been lots of news about gang violence in Mex. I am certainly no expert but I think it hasn’t really applied to the Yucatan. The police presense is HUGE! I felt very safe.

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