Living La Vida Gorda

I am putting this out there now so that I stick too it.   If you put it on the internet, it’s bound to come true.  Right?

In the month of September, I will be losing 8-10lbs (that I’ve gained over the past year for various reasons, namely eating and drinking too much) with the help of San Pedro fitness guru and all around great trainer, Juan Alamilla. 

Okay…so Juan looks high in this picture, but he is really good at what he does.  It’s just a bad shot.  And that is Carole…looking very fit.

  You will see gruesome full body shots of me, you are going to get all the details throughout the process so that I don’t waiver from this goal.  Bear with me.  I promise details only once a week.  This all starts September 1st.

So if you see me gorging myself on fry jacks or breakfast sandwiches at George’s Kitchen or cupcakes from Monica this week or pizza’s at Pinocchio’s or just bags of Cheeto’s from Rock’s, LAY OFF!   If you see it after September 1st, smack it right out of my hands.

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