Meet one of My Favorite Harmouches

and potentially one of the hardest working people in San Pedro, Abdul Harmouch.  He owns La Isla Grocery Store across the street from Changes In Latitudes and the Belize Yacht Club.  A great shop that I used to stop in 3+ times a day when I lived at BYC…and now that I’ve moved, I’ve cut down to once a day.

Easily accessible when driving back and forth from town and from hotels in the area (Pedro’s Inn or Exotic Caye, for instance), this place has almost everything that you need.  And is so much cheaper than the larger, overpriced Island Supermarket that is just north of La Isla.
Get a load of what a hard working guy Abdul is.  He went to Lebanon a few years ago, met his beautiful wife, married and brought her back to San Pedro.  The guy is totally in love…starry eyed. This year, she returned home in February to have their first baby in Lebanon.   The cutest baby boy was born in May and Abdul hasn’t been able to visit them yet!  He hasn’t seen wife or baby since she left and is working too hard to visit until his brother returns in August.
Despite that Abdul is all smiles, super friendly and can be found in his shop from 7am to late night mooning over pictures of his baby.  Stop by and say hi.  His is really a great guy with a great shop that delivers.
This is his trusted sidekick, Danny, participating in one of the favorite shop employee daily rituals here in San Pedro.  Watering the streets. 

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