Mystery Fruit: Dragon Fruit

Ok…mystery is the wrong term.  I have seen this fruit before.  In Vietnam and Thailand but most people that see it here in Belize are seeing it for the first time.  In Asia, it was always very white in the center and was sold everywhere.  Here in Belize, it’s more seasonal (a summertime fruit) and almost fuschia inside.  It gives a nice color to your lips when you are done.  Dragon Fruit.

Here is Walter enjoying a slice.

And here is what it looks like up close.  Small seeds like a kiwi and so delicious chilled.  Almost like honeydew melon.

Where does this thing grow?  How?  Well, my old friend Wikipedia, tells me that it is native to Mexico and South America.  But grows now abundantly in SE Asia.  And it’s from a cactus.  Who knew?  Here is a photo Wiki was nice enough to provide me.  Let’s all just pretend that I took it.  And I will also pretend that I have this cool cactus in my front yard.

There are lots of different varieties…again…who knew?  You can check them out on this random site I found.

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