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Ryan’s Got Rum

A prolific web surfer, music afficianado and brother of my best friend pointed out this site to me, maybe you’ve seen it:

When I talk to people and they tell me that I’m “living the dream”, they obviously have not seen this guy’s site before.  Ryan is my hero.

Dang, I’m writing the wrong blog.  I’m also passionate about the Caribbean lifestyle and rum!  Need an apprentice?

He’s got some great information on bars in San Pedro as well as all over Belize and an incredibly impressive blog/website.  Take a look.

Makes poor SanPedroScoop look like amateur hour.

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1 thought on “Ryan’s Got Rum

  1. Ryan

    Thanks for the love! We should get together sometime at an old beach bar on St. Somewhere and toss back a boat drink or two. I’m looking forward to following your San Pedro adventures! Keep in touch.


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