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San Pedro To Tulum…I’m HERE!

Yesterday, I woke up early to be at the water taxi from San Pedro, Belize to Chetumal, Mexico.  I always take San Pedro Belize Express. They are convienently located in the middle of town, affordable, fast and very friendly.  We arrived at the dock at 7.20am and got our tickets.  Customs arrived quickly and we went right through.  If you are a Belize resident, there are no charges other than the ticket.  If you are a visitor, there is a $7.50bzd docking fee and immigration charges another $7.50bzd.

Hard to miss these guys.

Beware…if you are under 10 years old, the hum of the boat is like a tranquilizer dart.  Kids are out like lights.

We left at 8am and arrived about an hour and 50 minutes later.
The police, immigration and customs all over Mexico mean serious business and Chetumal´s port is no different.  The drug sniffing dog gives your bags the once over and these guys hover about.  They are pretty friendly until you try to take their pictures.
Don´t you gentlemen know who I am?  I AM SANPEDROSCOOP!  Maybe he just wanted my autograph.

Two hours in Chetumal means mall time.  (You can´t blame me, I AM from New Jersey).  And I love this mall…there are always strange and wondrous sights to behold.

You can rent this bizarre stuff mechanical animals so that your child can ride around the mall.

The idea is fun.  In actuality, your 6 month baby (or the bed bugs probably living on them) could crawl faster than these machines.

Or you can learn that Los Pitufos is Spanish for The Smurfs.

And for all of you looking for the perfect ¨back to school¨ look for your little ones, this store sold this interesting line of clothing for kids, teens and adults.

Last stop, Chedraui, the Mexican-Lebanese Walmart.  We bought our ADO bus ticket from Chetumal to Tulum ($204 pesos).  The clerk was multi tasking…selling tickets while getting her nails done.  Impressive.

We wandered around the store…I love to admire the fruits, vegetables, beers, cheese, yogurts, breads, everything that you can pick up here.  And how far is San Pedro from here?  30ish miles?  Sigh. 

Some day I might need a selection of 6 chili peppers.  One never knows.

And the strange way they display meat…hardly refrigerated, right in the middle of the aisle where anyone could bump into it.  Perhaps they have incredibly high turnover.  And hopefully, Chedraui customers religiously wash their hands.  What am I thinking?  Of course they do.

We made a mad dash out to the taxi to the bus station in the pouring rain and JUST made our bus.  The security guy outside had to radio down to the driver (we were ONE MINUTE late.  He is obviously not on island time). Three and a half hours later…this was my view in Tulum.

Stayed tuned for Day One in Tulum…gorgeous weather, gorgeous ruins and gorgeous beaches.  With all of these computer problems and margaritas, I am working tirelessly to get the news to you.

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