Shakira & Mana Concert Viewing at Paradise Theater for Costa Maya Festival 2011

I recieved an email from the Paradise Theater at Reef Village in case you are looking for something different and definitely cheaper to do for the Costa Maya weekend.  They will be:
Showing Shakira and Mana concert on the big screen…..for those who can’t afford the $100+ for the concert downtown or are tired of DJ’s, we offer two concert experiences for only nine bucks belize. For that price you can stay and watch the two concerts as we will be showing them back to back with a short intermission in between. On the big screen with the big sound.
Show times:  Friday:  Shakira 7pm and 11pm….Mana 9pm
Saturday, Aug 6:  Mana 7pm and 11pm….Shakira 9pm and 1am (with special after club show)
Sunday:  Mana 7pm and Shakira 9pm
A detail that was omitted from the email but VERY important:   FULL BAR!!!!
SanPedroScoop has never been to this theater…so let me know how it goes!

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