The Next New San Pedro Bar Concept?

Do you wish that there was some way to jazz up your Belikin beer?  Ok…I didn’t when I first moved here.  But after 4+ years and countless Belikins, I could use a change.  And I want to introduce the latest in San Pedro bar trends…Beer Cocktails!

I love a Belikin and I love a Michelada (the classic hangover mix in San Pedro – Belizean recipe is here:   But in San Pedro, Belize, we don’t get a huge selection when it comes to beer (Belikin, Red Stripe and Heineken).  In fact, there are very very few options.

When I was in Tulum, Mexico last week enjoying many cervezas (or chelas), I saw this sign advertising beer cocktails.  I took a picture (not a great one) so I could do some research, get some recipes and to spice up the same old Belikin beers.

Arena Amarilla (“Yellow Sand”):  One bottle beer + 3 oz pineapple juice

Sangaree:  One bottle stout or dark beer + 1 oz. sugar syrup

Beer Punch:  One bottle beer + 1/4 oz dry anise + 6 egg yolks + 3oz sugar syrup (Beat eggs & syrup then add anise and beer.  Garnish with cinnamon sticks and try not to gag)

Colina (“The Hill”):  One bottle beer + 1oz campari

Green Beer:  One bottle beer + 1oz curacao (I’ve actually had this one…it’s great for St Patrick’s Day)

Submarino:  One bottle beer + 2 oz. brandy

Maria Fernanda:  One bottle beer + 2oz lemon juice + 2 oz sugar syrup (kinda like a Mexican Shandy)

Cava (“Beer Cave”):  Half Lager + Half Champagne (The French, I’m sure, are as appalled as I am)

Michelada with Shrimp:  THIS IS GENIUS!  Beer and shrimp cocktail?  VIVA LA MEXICO!
Here’s the recipe (I did some ad libbing on the shrimp part): 
1 beer + 1/4 cup lime juice + a few dashes hot sauce + 1 dash soy sauce + 1 dash worcestershire sauce.  Put as many cooked seasoned shrimp and maybe some avocado chunks that will fit on a wooden stirrer and enjoy.

Beer Clamato:  Michelada with Clamato Juice added to taste

Ok…so most of these make me want to dry heave (especially the one with egg yolks)…but I am going to attempt some/all of them for the sake of research and report back to you.  Until then, I will stick with my Belikin Classico.  Cheers.

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