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Today is A Day To Stay Inside…

It’s hazy, breezeless and the mosquitos are rough.  (Don’t fret, this only happens a few days a year and the town was out spraying this morning).   A good time to start my mosquito coils burning.  (See:
But yesterday afternoon was quite beautiful.  Breezy and sunny.  Before lunch at Wild Mango’s, I took a few quick pictures in town. 
A new restaurant moving in below Skybox Sports Lounge (old Chan Saan Palace) called Planet’s Pizza.  This location is like a turnstyle for restaurants.   In the last 5 years, there have probably been 5 or 6 different businesses.  Good luck. I think you guys might need it.
The ceiling in Wild Mango’s.  Make sure you get there soon…they are closing for a month on Sept 9.

Just a few pictures along the beach.

Rasta Tiki…popular place to take a picture.
The beach by Ruby’s.

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