Tulum, Mexico: The Beach, The Food, The Ruins, Oh My.

Friday morning, we woke up early expecting bad weather (TS Harvey is about to make landfall in Belize Saturday afternoon) and found out that it was the most beautiful day.So we went to my favorite breakfast place in town…Azafran.  It´s a few blocks off the main street but well worth it.

Last year, it was just this little front area on the side street but the owner has expanded into this beautiful backyard area that she has been working on for years.

She is German and has been living in Tulum for years.  And she makes divine bagels with really delicious toppings.

I had to get the Cream Cheese and Lox.

We caught a taxi over the ruins.  It was still early which is very important.  At around 10am, bus after bus after bus arrives packed with tourists from Playa de Carmen and Cancun and the place is PACKED.

It also happens to be Turtle Nesting season.  There were fenced off areas all along the beach with turtle eggs.  We, in fact, plan to head to Akumal in the next few days where you can snorkel and see the hatchlings.  (Or so we have been promised).

I am not a HUGE Mayan ruin fanatic though I have seen quite a few.  But these guys really got it right when they chose this location.  It´s just beautiful and luckily for me the park is quite manageable.  You can move through it very quickly alone (30 to 45 mins) or you can meander more slowly with a guide.

45 minutes later, we were off to the beach.  I always go to Om Beach Club. There are bigger clubs (Ana y Jose for example) but they tend to get over crowded when tourist buses drop people off.  This one has the most perfect beach with the most perfect water in the world.  You would almost think it was fake.

We laid in the sun, we swam, we had a few beers and now pray that the weather continues to be great…though this was last night´s sun set.

I forget…is red good or bad?

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