A Morning "Volunteering" at The San Pedro Humane Society

Things are getting slow around here and I need to keep myself busy…reading, napping, bloggin’, eating and lounging in the pool can get a bit old.  (I never thought I’d say something ridiculous like that but it’s the truth).   And, I have wanted to volunteer at the SAGA Humane Society ever since I arrived here and yesterday seemed like a good day to start.

Ingrid, the SAGA manager, was there to greet me.  She is in charge of everything and since the vet is there on Tuesday, Wednesdays and Thursday only, she is incredibly hands on with the cats and dogs.  She knows her stuff.

Here is the sign on the outside fence.  SAGA is just south of town by the Belikin distributor.

And two cute dogs that I met in the front yard.  Think adoption!

I arrived in the morning thinking that I was going to be SanPedroScooping poop or cleaning cages and, after telling Ingrid that I like cats most (but would do anything), I was given the job:  socializing the cats.  The poor little shy guys just don’t get adopted as often.  Everyone wants the kittens or the ones that reach out of their cages to greet you.  I can do this!  In fact, I would pay to do that job. 

They have too many cats right now.  Cats that really need homes.  So I was set up outside with these two guys to play a bit, give them some fresh air and “socialize”.   The pretty one in the front is a bit of a wall flower.

Only problem, these two define socializing as hunting, climbing trees and escaping.  Not exactly what I had in mind.

So back inside we went (after a roundup of cat #2 from the lot next door).  And I spent the next two hours holding cats and kittens.  Heaven. 

There was a steady flow of all sorts of visits.  Dog skin issues, ear mites, infected and swollen ears…dogs and owners were in and out.  The place is BUSY AND SO NECESSARY.  If you haven’t been there in the past year or two, stop by.  It has really expanded, has the revamped Fort Dog area for the older dogs and most importantly, PLENTY OF ANIMALS IN NEED OF ADOPTION. 

I was tempted to pick up another cat.  A shy and homely orange and white sweetie named Tessie.  She has big ears, a long skinny face and a snaggle tooth.  Poor kid.  She was purring like a motor boat when I sat with her.   I know she’s been in that cage for quite a long time.  If you adopt her, I promise a “why you are the best person in the world” blog focused only on you, you, you.

I’ll just leave you with some pictures of the animals.  They are not very good shots but in addition to the work that SAGA is doing, I have gained an incredible amount of respect for animal photographers.  That is one difficult job.

Wait!  How did that last one get in there!  That’s just my pain in the ass cat, Pupusa.  These kinds of threats keep him on his toes.
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