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If You’re Sick, Drink Juice. It Got Me Out of the House

Fresh juice in San Pedro means squeezing it myself or going all the way into town and that’s just not happening right now.  So the next best option?  Shelf stable boxed juice.  (That’s what the package says.)  This Mexican brand “Del Valle” is everywhere down here…and has some truely funky flavors.  I have never tried any of it.  Is it actually made of fruit?  Who knows…but I bought one of each flavor at the local Superbuy.  The check out lady at SuperBuy asked me with a shocked look on her face “You have a kid?”.  Apparently adults in Belize don’t drink from sippy boxes.
And now I know why.  I could have just mixed sugar with water.  This stuff is SWEET.
Peach is revolting.  Pineapple mind numbingly sweet.  Apple?  Seems hard to mess up.  My teeth almost fell right out of my head.  Same for Guava.  Mango and Tamarind are not so bad.  Especially when you cut the sweetness with a bit of rum.
Maybe tamarind is not a familiar flavor to you…it wasn’t to me until I moved down here.  It’s a super tart gummy pod like thing…best to just check with wikipedia.  Here is what they say:
Tamarind is a tree indigenous to Africa (particularly Sudan) and heavily introduced to Mexico in the 16th century by the Portuegese and Spanish.  It produces a juicy pulpy fruit within a large brown pod.  It is best described as sweet and sour.  It’s a major ingredient in Lea & Perrins Worcestershire, indian chutneys and tamarind drinks.  Interesting…
The Mojito Bar in town also makes a great tamarind mojito.
Anyway…this juice must have worked.  I got up this morning at 6am to take a few pictures.  My walk was short lived…but it’s good to get outside.  And it’s going to be a beautiful day.

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