Pimp My Ride

Golfcarts are the major form of transportation on Ambergris Caye.  And, honestly, most carts have seen better days.  The sea salty air, the abuse they take on the bumpy roads when it rains, the mud, throw in a bit of vandalism…it is hard work and expensive to keep one in good shape.  It’s a thankless job.   Here is what most carts look like.

But there has been a movement towards making your golf cart look fancy.  First people were getting Polarises.  You even see the mayor speeding by on one.  But it seems like now, people are pimping out the old school carts.  And frankly, I like it.

Yesterday, I ran into this one in town .   Is Kim Kardashian in town?  Or P Diddy?    Black on black on black. (Those seats cannot be cool after sitting in the sun.)  Custom gear shift.  I didn’t even know golf carts had gears.  Stereo system.  Actual rims and hubcaps.  Name painted on the side.  Zolanie is one lucky person.

You are not leaving this one out late at night by itself.

Since the average new golf cart costs around $22,000bzd or more,  (Yes, you read that right.  $12k USD…you could buy the cheapest Hyundai for less than that!)  I guess it makes sense to keep these things in great shape. 

Anyone know how much carts cost outside of Belize? 

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