SAGA Rocks the Block!

SAGA (the San Pedro Humane Society threw a great block party last night to raise money for all the needy animals in town.  (It’s not just dogs and cats…a few years ago, I brought in a cormorant with a busted wing and they helped him out too.  And trust me, it was not easy catching that duck)

Set near the air strip by El Fogon (a great local food restaurant), there were tents, a great DJ and a cook-off to decide the best cook of Central American food.    Cooks (both professional and rookie) around town donated dishes to raise money for a good cause.  It was only $10bzd to taste each and every one of them.

Mark & Alex were there selling raffle tickets for some excellent prizes to raise even more money.   If you have been to San Pedro in the last 5 or 6 years, you know these guys.  They’ve sold you beads or tickets or just chatted you up…they are the island’s finest little hustlers.

Patty Arceo and her super cute daughter Fatima came to support the cause.  Fatima has spina bifida and has had too many surgeries for such a little girl.  She is looking so great and LOOK HOW CUTE!

Local celebrity from the Reef Radio morning show and FAN OF SANPEDROSCOOP! DJ Habo did a great job playing music throughout the event.  Habo, even if you lied to me about reading my blog, it made my night.
There were at least 10 different dishes representing all the local countries.  And the line was LONG.  I’m guessing at least 75 people were waiting eagerly to taste all the food.  Tons of volunteers…tons of Belikins…tons of donations.  Everyone had a really good time.   
First check out my pictures.  Second, MAKE SURE YOU MAKE IT TO SAGA’S NEXT COOK-OFF or find another way to donate.   The cook-off is held monthly and raises money for one of the best causes on the island.

Setting up the food…

These cuties waiting to eat.
Guys!  Don’t fight about who can buy more raffle tickets!  It’s for charity.
The line grew long but it was worth the wait.
The bartender was a busy man until the food started being served.  I’m so happy that this many people turned out in September (a very slow month around these parts) to support the hard working folks at SAGA.
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