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Start Your Bidding for A Little Piece of Belize

Have you ever been missing Belize so much that you checked Ebay to see what you could find?  Or you live here and you were just wondering what people were selling?

Yeah…me neither.  But I decided to take an internet cruise yesterday to see what little gems are for sale.

A very strange selection and I was left with lots of questions.

There is an incredible amount of Belizean money for sale – both old and new.

I understand why you would want to buy an old coin from British Honduras days.  They are cool.  (I’m not sure $650usd cool…but cool).  This one is from 1918 and will be shipped to you from Suzhou, China.

But why would you want to pay $99.99 usd for $50usd worth of current money?  You are paying double for these $5 bills because they are uncirculated (20 of them)?  Not surprising that they have no bids.

If selling Belize currency for 2x it’s value is a viable industry, I may have just located my next job.

Old beer labels like this one.  Has anyone even heard of Falcon beer?  When did it close?

A rusty bottle cap?  Bidding starts at .99 with $6usd shipping.  Seriously?

Perhaps my favorite and the most ridiculous.  You can start bidding on the website for the low low bargain basement price of $3,495 usd.  WHY would you do that?  There is nothing on it.  There are tons of other sites available you could buy for $10-15.  ( will sell you for just $11.99…maybe I could make $3480 profit…or how about or  Both are available)

You can buy land (wonder if this ever actually happens), you can buy time shares, you can buy a 7 day fishing vacation, you can buy $20 stays at a hotel in OrangeWalk, you can buy tons of stamps.   You can buy art, Belize Boy Scout medals, you can buy guide books.  There is quite a bit available.

So start bidding now for your own piece of Belize, large or small.  Dang…if only they shipped to Belize.

By the way, the item that left me with the most questions is this stamp.  According to the seller only 37 exist.  Did the country of Belize actually issue a Disney stamp?  Why would they have sold only 37 in 1986?  If all of this is true, check your drawers…it’s selling for $400usd.


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