The Best Bars In San Pedro, Belize: 2011

According to me.  2011 edition.  If you have any suggestions, feedback, questions or you just hate my picks, let me know!   I am sticking to town (not too far north and not too far south) and I honestly think I’ve been in every bar (maybe not all the way into San Pedrito…I’ve got wood to chop).  Yes.  Juvinie’s.  Yes.  Amigo’s Bar.  Yes.  Black And White.  YES!   So, I have done the research over the past five year.  Here is what I’ve got.

Best Daytime Bar:  Tie:   BCs Beach Bar & Wayo’s Bar & Internet Cafe

Best Bar for Live Music:  Crazy Canucks on Monday nights.  Get ready to punta.  (This is Ali, the bartender)

Best Beach Bar to Make You Feel Like a Local:  Cholo’s Bar (“Hangovers Installed & Serviced”)

Best Mixed Drink (Martinis, Margaritas, etc):  El Divino at Banana Beach

Most Improved Bar for 2011:   Wahoo’s Lounge (Former Pier Lounge).  If you haven’t been there in the past year, you would NOT recognize this place.  Open, freshly painted, no more crappy gaming machines.  Clean bathrooms!  The band for the Chicken Drop is fantastic.  Cutest t-shirt in town.  You won’t recognize this place.

Best Bar for Karaoke:  Road Kill Bar on Wednesday night

Bar Guaranteed to Have a Crowd No Matter What Time of Year:  Fido’s Courtyard

Best Bar to Watch a Sports Event:  Pedro’s Sports Bar & Pizza Place (HUGE TVs, A/C, great pizza)

Best Late Night Club:  Jaguar’s Temple though Big Daddy’s has just remodeled and reopened as Daddy Rocks.  I hear it is the new “hot spot”

Best Bars to Meet Shady Characters:  The Winners’ Spot or any place that is open after midnight

Best Bar for Quick, Cheap, Yummy Snacks:  BC’s Beach Bar and Ak’Bol (up north…sorry, I stray BUT LOOK AT THIS VIEW!)

Best Beach “Scene”:  The Lazy Lizard at the Split in Caye Caulker (I stray again)

Best Bar to Bet on a Crapping Chicken:   Wahoo’s Lounge (formerly Pier Lounge)

Best Bar for Really Good Food:  The Bar at Victoria House

Hidden Gem:  The Squirrel’s Nest at Mata Rocks

Best Rum Punch:  On the Catamaran Sail with Seaduced…maybe it’s the sail…maybe it’s the rum…but it is PERFECT!

Best Friday Night “In Crowd/Hip” Bar:  Want to feel like you are hanging with the cool San Pedro crowd?  Like you are seeing the local Who’s Who (maybe Miss San Pedro…maybe the local bank managers)?   Try Skybox Sportbar & Lounge.  All drinks are $5bzd.  Jager, Vodka, Smirnoff Ice, EVERYTHING.  That is ridiculously cheap.  A DJ is usually playing.  This place will make you feel like you’ve got the inside scoop.

Great bartenders, great Sunday BBQ, great Monday night, great view.  Just a very cool place to hang out.

Congratulations to one and all.  Keep in mind as you see me over the next few months, that I can be bribed with free drinks, food…heck…I even take cash.  And if I missed you, there is always 2012!

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