The Best Food & Restaurants In San Pedro Belize 2011.

All chosen, voted for and judged by me!  I am a prolific eater.  And based on my years of eating, here is what I can tell you as truth.  You might as well just print this out and make it a check list for your vist to Ambergris Caye.
Best Soup:  Seafood Soup (like a chowder) from Elvi’s Kitchen
Best Burrito:  Caliente’s Restaurant
Best Breakfast Food:  Breakfast Sandwich from George’s Kitchen  Honorable mention:  Lobster Omlette at Mickey’s
Best Overall Breakfast:  Estel’s.  Fry Jacks and flour tortillas?  Ridiculously good.
Best Johnny Cake:  Celi’s Deli.
Best Street Food:   Pupusas at Waraguma.  Evening only.  $2.50bzd.  I love queso solo and pumpkin & cheese.
Best Salad Lunch:  Amy’s Chef Salad of Wild Mango’s
Best Salad Dinner:  Blue Water Grill Ahi Poke Salad
Best Curry:  Shrimp Curry at Jambel’s.  Really good.
Best Chips and Salsa:  Searious Adventures.  Includes black beans and corn and served on some of their trips.
Best Local Food Experience:  El Fogon for lunch.  Makes you feel like a local and the food is great.
Best Pizza:  This may cause some controversy.  There is lots of competition in this category.  Some like thick, some like thin, I choose Pinocchio’s Pizza.  Baked quick in a real pizza oven, it’s delicious.  ***Note:  As of Oct, 2011, the owner Hans, has closed the restaurant and left San Pedro***
Best BBQ:  John Harvey at Robin’s Kitchen (across from Royal Palms south of town).  He makes a really delicious mixed vegetables & perfect jerk chicken too.  (This picture shows him BBQing in the park).
Best Ceviche:  A very tough category, I have tasted lots but I am declaring a winner.  VICTORIA HOUSE’S CONCH CEVICHE.  Layers of thinly sliced conch, avocado, tomatoes and onion.  Oh god is it good.   Honorable mention:  Banana Beach, Lily’s Treasure Chest
Best Lunch In Caye Caulker:  Tie:  Rainbow Grill or Syd’s for the fried chicken
Best Key Lime Pie:  Elvi’s Kitchen.
Best Drunk and Hungry Or PMS Or You Have the Munchies Food:  The Cheesey Garlic Breadsticks from Pirates Pizza.  THEY DELIVER!  These things are delicious.
Best View while Eating:  This is also tough…but again, I am willing to declare a winner.  Palapa Bar.  (My only choice north of the bridge…but fear not, it’s not very far).
Best Meal when visiting Belize City:  Chon Saan Palace.  This restaurant is huge and the menu is huge but even the sushi is delicious.
I am already taking suggestions for my 2012 food addition and working on my bar version.

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