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The Best Food & Restaurants In San Pedro Belize 2011.

All chosen, voted for and judged by me!  I am a prolific eater.  And based on my years of eating, here is what I can tell you as truth.  You might as well just print this out and make it a check list for your vist to Ambergris Caye.
Best Soup:  Seafood Soup (like a chowder) from Elvi’s Kitchen
Best Burrito:  Caliente’s Restaurant
Best Breakfast Food:  Breakfast Sandwich from George’s Kitchen  Honorable mention:  Lobster Omlette at Mickey’s
Best Overall Breakfast:  Estel’s.  Fry Jacks and flour tortillas?  Ridiculously good.
Best Johnny Cake:  Celi’s Deli.
Best Street Food:   Pupusas at Waraguma.  Evening only.  $2.50bzd.  I love queso solo and pumpkin & cheese.
Best Salad Lunch:  Amy’s Chef Salad of Wild Mango’s
Best Salad Dinner:  Blue Water Grill Ahi Poke Salad
Best Curry:  Shrimp Curry at Jambel’s.  Really good.
Best Chips and Salsa:  Searious Adventures.  Includes black beans and corn and served on some of their trips.
Best Local Food Experience:  El Fogon for lunch.  Makes you feel like a local and the food is great.
Best Pizza:  This may cause some controversy.  There is lots of competition in this category.  Some like thick, some like thin, I choose Pinocchio’s Pizza.  Baked quick in a real pizza oven, it’s delicious.  ***Note:  As of Oct, 2011, the owner Hans, has closed the restaurant and left San Pedro***
Best BBQ:  John Harvey at Robin’s Kitchen (across from Royal Palms south of town).  He makes a really delicious mixed vegetables & perfect jerk chicken too.  (This picture shows him BBQing in the park).
Best Ceviche:  A very tough category, I have tasted lots but I am declaring a winner.  VICTORIA HOUSE’S CONCH CEVICHE.  Layers of thinly sliced conch, avocado, tomatoes and onion.  Oh god is it good.   Honorable mention:  Banana Beach, Lily’s Treasure Chest
Best Lunch In Caye Caulker:  Tie:  Rainbow Grill or Syd’s for the fried chicken
Best Key Lime Pie:  Elvi’s Kitchen.
Best Drunk and Hungry Or PMS Or You Have the Munchies Food:  The Cheesey Garlic Breadsticks from Pirates Pizza.  THEY DELIVER!  These things are delicious.
Best View while Eating:  This is also tough…but again, I am willing to declare a winner.  Palapa Bar.  (My only choice north of the bridge…but fear not, it’s not very far).
Best Meal when visiting Belize City:  Chon Saan Palace.  This restaurant is huge and the menu is huge but even the sushi is delicious.
I am already taking suggestions for my 2012 food addition and working on my bar version.

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14 thoughts on “The Best Food & Restaurants In San Pedro Belize 2011.

  1. Merete

    Ohhh… 🙂 I need to go to Belize and EAT! 🙂 But I at least have to add Best appetizer: Shrimp Santa Fe at Sunset Grill! 🙂
    And what happend to Neri’s tacos? Are they still in business?

  2. Raquel Manteufel

    My best Ceviche was at Elvi’s. The best breakfast burritos are at the beachfront walk-up restaurant next to Holiday Hotel/Celi’s. I think it’s Latitudes. (?) While you’re there you also have to grab a fruit smoothie with a rum floater.
    I think it’s hilarious you’re posting all the best food on the island the day you start your mega diet. LOL!

  3. Me

    Latitude Cafe is great. I was eating there almost every single day for a while…the same roast beef wrap. When you find something good, stick with it!

  4. Me

    I always get the stuffed chicken wrapped in chaya at Elvi’s. I think they call it caribbean chicken. It’s delicious. And of course, the coconut rice and key lime pie.

  5. Tanya tizzle

    did you try the mongo burrito at mango’s i think it wins ever burrito in Belize hands down…you should try it. might change your life. lol best hangover food im sorry but it def has to be Estels bloody mary with ham & cheese omlette, fry jacks, beans, bacon, and jam. lol and i wonder how i got so big…lol

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