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A Walk Into Town…Always Something Going On

There is always something going on in San Pedro, even this time of year, and that is what I love about it.  Yesterday, I headed into town to meet a friend at Wild Mango’s, one of my favorite restaurants.  They just opened after a slow-season holiday break and yesterday, it was not slow there at all.  I am glad to have them back.

I ordered Amy’s Chef Salad (though I was really torn…they make some ridiculously good ceviches with coconut milk in them.  If they have the tuna one available, you HAVE TO try it).  The salad is lettuce, beets, cashews, grilled chicken, pineapple, papaya, some hearts of palm, yummy pickled onions, cucumber, Mango Lime dressing and probably more.  My friend got the Beef Tacos…both were so tasty.

After lunch I had a few errands to run.  I’ve been reading lots of books recently, some better than others and I was down to my last.  If you haven’t been to Aquarius Beauty Salon/Used Book mart on Middle Street, you are missing out.  I’m not sure what I’d do without it. The owner, Kim, has lived in San Pedro for 27 years and has a TON of paperbacks of all different kinds.  Newer ones, older ones and ones that look like they were found in a time capsule.  (This is one of about 6 book shelves in her salon.)

The place is quite small and unassuming but you will find it.  It’s right across the street from Milo’s and next door to the Green House.  Books usually go for about $5bzd or if you come often, you can usually just swap.  She is very easy going.

This is the door you should be looking for…

Next, I went right across the street to Milo’s Center to pay the electric bill.  At $298bzd it is one of my cheapest all year.  Ugh.  
Milo’s is the Western Union/Money Exchange/Phone Credit Buying/Rent Collecting/Electric Bill Paying Emporium in town.  It’s usually my luck that there is someone at the beginning of the line that works for a hotel or a property management company paying about 10 bills at once.  Generally that leaves the rest of us sighing and cursing behind him.  Not today.  

There was something else to keep me busy.  The security guard called me over to point out a bees’ nest that had set up right outside the window.  It was buzzing furiously.  His story?  They had flown over en masse on Saturday afternoon and in 2 days made this hive.  No one at Milo’s seemed to be in any rush to get rid of it.  I don’t blame them.  Those little buggers look angry.  Ick.

Bills paid, books swapped, I headed home.  Passing BC’s Beach bar, I spotted these dogs lined up outside.

There is a dog walker in town who works for Pampered Paws pet supply shop, boarding and grooming. The guy is the Cesar Milan of San Pedro, the Belizean Dog Whisperer. He was chatting with a friend, told these dogs to sit in formation, leashes loose and they did just that.  None of them dared move.  This guy has an incredible way with hypnotizing canines.  They just stared at him waiting for their next command.  During the busy season, you will see him with 10-12 dogs all in the same loving trance. But all of THAT is for another blog.

Between Caribbean Villas and Xanadu, an old wooden house that is on a huge, PRIME beach front lots was being torn down.  Wonder if it was sold?

A little light rain, a bit of sun…all in all a nice day.

This iguana outside my door was enjoying the sun so much, he wouldn’t budge.  Sick of all this rain, buddy?  I had to walk around him.  The nerve.

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  1. Emily

    Another interesting blog post! I’d been wondering about that combo hair dresser and paperback book place! And the dog whisperer…have seen him working his magic on Boca del Rio. Really amazing.

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