All Season’s Guest House: Perfect Location For Your Stay In Hopkins

PHEW!  Back from Hopkins after catching at 6.50am bus to Dangriga.  And I see that the horrific weather has followed me to San Pedro.  Last night it rained incredibly hard in Hopkins…and it looks like it did here too.  A brief post for today until I get myself in gear!

I’ve received lots of emails in the past two days asking where I am staying.  So…allow me to tell you.

I was staying at the All Season’s Guest House in Hopkins.  It’s a great spot.  In fact, it may be the ideal Hopkins location.  Halfway between the larger resorts and the “downtown” village, the guest house is surrounded by the village’s very best restaurants.  Rob’s Gourmet Cafe (sometimes called the best restaurant in Belize) is right across the street.  (You will be hearing much much more about the food in Hopkins…whether you like it or not).

Ingrid the owner, is Dutch/German and has lived in Hopkins for ten years.  TEN YEARS!  I can’t even imagine what Hopkins was like back then.  Any sort of banking or major purchase now must be made 30 minutes away in Dangriga.  Wow.  And to buy “extras” like real cheese (not the rubber Mennonite variety) or even cream cheese, you need to go to Belize City!  Ten years ago?  She must have been living on coconuts and plantains.

Her house is gorgeous and across the street from the beach.  I mean, really gorgeous.  Three stories, beautiful stained glass and tile work with an extensive patio, BBQ and three guest rooms on the ground floor.  Ingrid moved here on her own and describes a time when she was driving into Belize City (2.5 hours) many times a month to buy the materials to build this place.  Very impressive.  (I stole this next pic from Tripadvisor…mine did not come out so well…I shouldn’t have waited until it started raining to take them)
Photos of All Seasons Guest House, Hopkins
This photo of All Seasons Guest House is courtesy of TripAdvisor

I stayed in one of these room below her home (they are the cheapest).  She also has an apartment and a beach house across the street…that actual beach is available for everyones’ use.  Rooms there are a bit more expensive but each have their own private deck and look super nice.

The rooms have strong Wi-Fi, refrigerators and coffee pots (to me that is HUGE) and free bikes.  My room was large and clean with a comfy bed.  It is called the “Jungle Room” and is decorated accordingly.  Quirky, large zebra stripes painted on the entire back wall and ceiling and lion and jungle motif painted everywhere.

Ingrid was incredibly friendly, helpful and available in her upstairs living space pretty much always (the woman must be loco!).  Sure…you can stay at the large resorts south of town and pay $300usd a night and $10bzd for a rum and coke.  But why?  All Seasons is a fantastic location right in the middle of everything.  It’s very reasonably priced at $30-70usd a night depending on the time of the year.  Give it a try.  I’ll definitely go back.

Check it out on her website:

And a tip (mine, not hers)…if you are visiting from the states or even San Pedro and have some extra room in your luggage, ask Ingrid if she needs you to bring something with you.  Small or large!  A jar of jam or maybe some tea or…who knows….I’m sure she would be very very appreciative.  To say that the shopping in Hopkins is very limited is an understatement.

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