Anything New In Town? Hurricane Rina & San Pedro, Belize

I walked into town just now (when the rain stopped) to check out if anything had really changed since yesterday.  Other than the bands of heavy rain that hit periodically.

The 9am NHC update is good news.  Nice to see that the hurricane has finally started it’s WNW move away from us.  But not nice to hear that Liquor sales have been cancelled through the whole town.  Seems a bit unnecessary to me.  And with no advance warning?  That’s one cruel trick.

The waves are about the same and the sea weed really continues to pile up.

The docks are almost empty and a few last boats are pulling out.
The water is coming up and over most seawalls making for a bit of a wet and messy walk.
People are definitely out fishing.  This is the Belikin dock…one of the sturdiest docks on the island.  If I was forced to weather a storm on a dock, it would be this one.  (Not sure why that might happen…)  This dock is built to allow fully loaded beer tractors to ride back and forth.  
These guys insisted that it is an excellent day for fishing
There is some boarding up going on directly on the beach and a bit in town.  But not lots.
Blue Water Grill has cleared all of its tables and chairs.
The water sports dock in town found a place to hide their jet skis and water toys.  Most were at Bar 1755.  (Did I mention that it began POURING rain again?  Wow…the lengths I go through…I even impress myself).
And the kayaks were behind the fence at Latitudes Cafe.
But one jet ski was let floating out in the water…I am not sure what was going on here.  Hopefully attached to something!
So not much changed since yesterday morning, the boats are all gone, there has been a bit more clean-up and a little more preparation.  Conditions are still supposed to get worse.  They predicted 4-6 foot waves at the beach later today/tonight.  And the double flags are still flying.  Warning, likely to strike within 24 hours.  We wait for the green flag.  And, of course, for the bars to re-open.
That’s it from me for now.  I’m soaking wet for the second time today.  I’ll be here at home, sober, and will let you know if there are any changes at all!  For more frequent and more brief updates, “friend” on facebook.

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