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Can Anyone Identify This Bird?

Guess the glass doors are too clean…this poor little, hawk like bird just smashed into the glass and knocked himself out.

This has happened before.  But never a cool looking bird like this!  It usually takes them about fifteen minutes to get themselves together and fly away.  I hope he’s feeling okay.

His bad luck also happens to be the fifteen happiest minutes of my cats’ day.

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4 thoughts on “Can Anyone Identify This Bird?

  1. Emily

    Looks like an American Kestrel…very pretty! I’ve never seen one here or in the US. I hope he’s okay! I read somewhere that even when birds fly away from window strikes, about 50% of them don’t make it long-term. Sad!

  2. AJ. Baxter

    I agree with Emily. The bird is a male American Kestral and belongs to the perigrine family of raptors. I was photographing these birds up close and personal last week in the Rocky Mountains.

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