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Friday Night in San Pedro: Chardonnay, Curry and Croc’s Karaoke

Thought your visit (or move) to Belize would mean giving up your daily mimosa, caviar and fancy imported camembert?  Wrong!  Wine De Vine is the store in San Pedro that sells all the fancy stuff.  Wine and champagne, cheeses and pates.  Everything good.  And each Friday evening they host a wine social with cheese plates and wine by the glass specials.  I’d never been before…I thought it was an event that I’d have to dress up for…and I do not enjoy dressing up.  Not one bit.

This event draws quite the crowd!  There had to be 50 or more people by 7pm.  These ladies were celebrating a birthday.

Good times at Wine De Vine.  And don’t worry…you can dress however you want.

Quite a few people at the wine social headed over to Crave for the new weekly Indian food night.  I stopped in the kitchen to meet the cute chefs.

And sat down to enjoy the food.  Not only is it SO GOOD but there is so much of it!  5 or 6 different dishes were served and this was the first, Chicken Lollipops with papadum.  I wanted to pick up this green sauce and drink it.  Really delicious.  It’s all served “family style” and I split mine with Teacher Lisa.  There was enough left for 2 more people to eat a full meal.

Next Lamb Vindaloo, Chicken Masala, Fish Curry, Saag Paneer, Aloo Capiscum AND basmati rice.  There is no way you are leaving Crave hungry.  It is really divine…and not too spicy.

Look at these happy customers.   I definitely was…I LOVE INDIAN FOOD NIGHT AT CRAVE!

Try to make it to the next one.  They change up the menu each week…what better way to kick off your Halloween weekend?

I felt like I do after Thanksgiving dinner…stuffed and ready for nap.  But I stopped in at Croc’s Bar to see some friends and watch a little karaoke.  The place packed up quickly!  A good mix of locals and tourists…and the only picture I have is Denny, the owner, mopping up a spilt rum & coke.  Shameful scoop, I know.  But trust me, it’s a pretty fun night.

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