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Hopkins: Last Day and My Trip Home…A Different Route

So I spent my last day in Hopkins in grey, rainy weather.  Rain was predicted for days to come.  Scratch Plancenia, scratch Punta Gorda…time to come back home to San Pedro.

I spent my last day eating, having cocktails and really doing lots of nothing.  I took a walk along the beach in the morning but rain was definitely coming.  So I spent most of the day in Hamanasi Resort, chatting with the staff, sipping Rum & Tonics and hanging out on this couch.  I even snagged a book from the exchange (without exchanging).  Class-less, I know.  But desperate times call for desperate measures.

Here is what I saw on my beach walk over:

An empty beach.  As usual…I never saw one person on the beach (except for the Lyrical King, my very first day, at 6am)

For the most part, the beach is either empty or, towards the village, is mostly local houses.  I think I could get along quite nicely in a house like this…

or maybe this…

I saw a teeny tiny sting ray hovering by the beach.  Maybe the size of my foot?

Next day, I woke up EARLY to take the bus back to Dangriga to begin my trip home.  There are two buses per day from Hopkins to ‘Griga.  Early morning and the evening.  I packed my things and waited in front of the Guest House at 6.50am for the bus.  It comes honking down the road…it’s hard to miss.  The driver was BLASTING one of my favorite songs.  In fact, I was listening to it 10 minutes earlier on my Ipod.  Telephone Ting – Kiprich   This could be a good trip back.

Listen to this song…it’s a classic with some great lyrics.  “Telephone ting mash up mi life, it make me call di wife”.

I know, I know…I took the scenic route down here.  The bus, the cheap route.  But did I tell you about the Maya Island Air discounts in October?  CHEAP!  The flight back from Dangriga to Belize City.  ONLY $55bzd.  And Belize City to San Pedro?  $40bzd!   Too cheap to deny.  Half price.

So the bus dropped me off at the Dangriga station.  (I made a few stops…to be reported later) and I took a quick taxi ride over to the air strip.

The flight back was GORGEOUS.  Despite the fact that it was cloudy, the scenery between Dangriga and Belize City is really really beautiful.  You hardly see any houses during the 15 minutes flight.  You can really see that Belize is one of the least populated countries on earth.  First mountains and orange groves and then marshland with crazy curling muddy rivers running to the ocean.

Seriously…if I was a good photographer and it was a nice day?  You would see how spectacular it is.  Drive down south one way and fly back.  Both ways are GORGEOUS!

The river does a yoga-like pose.

The river forms a beautiful letter B.

Go Belize!

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