Hurricane Rina and Belize, Tuesday 6.45am

Late afternoon on Monday, NEMO cancelled school for today, Tuesday, Oct 25 for both Caye Caulker and San Pedro to facilitate the voluntary evacuation that has been issued.  Many boats (normal parked by the beach) have been and are now leaving San Pedro to head to either the back of our island, to the Belize mainland or just south.

The actual hurricane has intesified (Cat 2 and 100mph winds and slowed to 3mph (neither good things) particularly not for the Upper Yucatan.   Cozumel, Playa Del Carmen and Cancun and currently the places the models show getting hit almost directly over the next few days.  But things can change at any time.

You have to admit, a picture of a big hurricane is a strangely beautiful thing.  In fact, I’m sure all of us would like to enjoy it only in pictures.

Looks like this will be happening Wednesday night and Thursday morning.  Why do hurricanes always seem to hit in the night time here?

For now though…the sun rose to a grey and hazy sky in the east.  The water has risen a few feet already and waves are rolling in quickly and breaking over low seawalls.  The waves are reaching up to the Royal Palms wall where the beach is its most narrow.  High tide is about 8.45am.

This morning, I will watch the 7am Good Morning San Pedro show and then walk into town to see what the feeling is.  Let you guys know!

For now, it looks most like beach errosion but again…it could change at any time.  Let’s all hope it misses land all together.

Everyone be safe!

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