Location, location, location: The Sunbreeze Hotel

I’ve been getting lots of emails asking me one question:  Why don’t you show us places to stay?  Well…ummmm…because I stay in my condo.  That’s why.   But, you are right, SanPedroScoop should be more accommodating to her hoards of fans.  It can’t just be me, me, me all of the time.  So here is my first hotel review:  The Sunbreeze Hotel.  (I am going to shoot for 3-4 per month).

I sometimes recommend the Sunbreeze when I have visitors.  The location is perfection in my mind.  It’s right on the edge of town next to the best restaurants and bars and right across the street from the airstrip.   HOLD UP!   I know what you are thinking…across the street from the airstrip?   You are picturing a sleazy airport motel that smells like cigarettes…maybe a Best Western with a flickering neon sign, maybe with a dimly lit Red Robin restaurant filled with overly made-up senior citizen waitresses in sad polyester zip-up uniforms.  BUT COME ON!  This is San Pedro, Belize.  It is NOTHING like that.

Our airstrip is tiny.  The planes are small and fly only during the day.  You don’t even hear the noise once you get inside.  The location is a plus…really.

So I sent them an email and they were kind enough to let me poke around.

Here is the entrance from the beach.  The hotel is 43 rooms (probably the biggest right in town); two stories wrapped around this coconut tree shaded courtyard.

There are three different “levels” of rooms.  All seem very big to me.  I mean…take a look at this standard room.  It’s bigger than my apartment.

Below is one of the Deluxe rooms on the second floor.  Some of these rooms have a pretty nice view of the ocean.
One of my favorite parts of the hotel…the local artists’ paintings in each room and all over the lobby.  It gives the place a good tropical feel and makes it a bit more homey.  I hope they screw these paintings to the wall tight…I’d be tempted to put one in my suitcase.
Entering from the street side, you pass an art gallery (closed when I was there but I did take a picture) and a massage studio.  Both nice to have on-site.  Here’s Char at her place.  I didn’t even know she worked here.
Cool re-use of plastic water bottles.  I’m going to have to stop by when the gallery is open!
There is a very nice pool about 25 feet from the ocean on a raised deck.  The pool side bar also happens to be the Blue Water Grill restaurant bar, one of the best restaurants in town.  They are open 7 days a week for all meals.  Eat here a few times, walk about 30 feet to Wild Mango’s Restaurant, or in the other direction to BC’s Bar for a snack or into town for a quick pupusa.  THE WHOLE TOWN IS RIGHT HERE.

Bottom line:  I did not stay overnight.  Sure, they could have showed me only the very best rooms.  But I was given no incentive to be particularly nice.  Even I can see that the moderately priced Sunbreeze has some huge pluses.  LOCATION.  Rooms and bathrooms are very big and clean.  But the location is what it’s all about.   No need to take taxis or rent golf carts for the whole week.  You are IN town.

Something to think about:   Maybe you don’t want to be in the middle of town.  Maybe you want to lay on the beach and feel like you are in the middle of nowhere…then Sunbreeze is not for you.  You are going to want to look way up north or way down south. 

For ALL of the information that I’m sure I left out (rates, room sizes, etc) –> here’s the website: http://www.sunbreeze.net/

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