May I Make A Suggestion, Town Council?

I took a walk home today from town to Victoria House.  No, I don’t live there…I wish.  The beaches (those not maintained by a hotel or a resort) are an absolute mess.  Sometime over the past week, a crazy amount of plastic washed up on the shore.

I heard the potential reasons:  rivers in Honduras or cruise ships dumping their garbage.  The reason is secondary.  It’s here, it’s gross and it’s embarrassing.

As a town, we employ a number of workers who tirelessly clean the streets each day, some 7 days a week.  These guys work hard and I totally appreciate it.  But why can’t a few of them be assigned to the beach or all of them for a few hours a day.  Don’t we have a street cleaning machine to take care of some of their road sweeping burden?

This mess above is down by Xanadu and Banyan Bay but it is definitely not the only mess like this I saw.

Tourists (let’s face it, our bread and butter) walk up and down this beach every day.  We all walk up and down this beach every day.  Isn’t it at least AS important to keep our shore clean as it is keeping the streets dust free?  If not more important…

Obviously this has been discussed MANY times before and will be discussed for years to come, but maybe we could try this solution?

Definitely would love to know what everyone thinks.

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