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News Alert: It Didn’t Rain Last Night!

And I risked my life going outside for you.  Black clouds loom on the horizon (though a tiny bit of sunny is peeking thru), the breeze is from the leeward side of the island and the mosquitos are FIERCE.  They paid no mind to the precautionary layer of Off! Family Care I applied.  Really guys, is there even enough blood in my eyelid?  Time to kick it up to Deep Woods Off!

So now, I sit here in a cloud of cloying smoke of three mosquito coils (if you don’t know what they are read:  Mosquito Coils: If I Should Die Before I Wake) and am getting ready for another dull rainy day.

The storm is a bit better organized (NHC now has a 50% chance of tropidal depression formation) but seems to be a bit farther north right now and headed even farther that way.  (Southern Florida is supposed to be getting 5+ inches of rain over the next 48 hours).

With October half way finished, knock on wood, 2011 has been a pretty good year.  But we seem to be in the “October zone” or at least near it, so let’s all hope rain is the very worst thing we see.  

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