Reasons That YOU Should be in Belize in November

Some of these are repeats from my October Post but October and November have some things in common.  But November can be even better!  We start to get a few more visitors and the weather gets a bit cooler and nicer.  So…let me tell me the reasons that YOU should be in Belize in November.  (Mentally wrap yourself in the hammock below and start reading…)

THANKSGIVING:  No toiling all day in the kitchen basting a giant turkey or kneading fresh pie crusts.  No slightly drunk relatives quizzing you about your life.   Picture this instead:  It’s 85 degrees, sunny and you just returned from a morning of snorkeling.  You are being served a mango daiquiri and freshly caught stuffed lobster in a small palapa restaurant with the cool ocean breeze whipping through your hair.  Come to Belize!  It can be yours!  All restaurants are open.  And if you are old school…you don’t have to eat lobster, almost everyone serves turkey too.

GARIFUNA SETTLEMENT DAY:  November 19 is a unique national holiday celebrating the first Garifuna people arriving on the shores of Belize in 1832 by boat.  It is celebrated for a week nationwide with music, pageants, colorful costumes and lots of dancing.  The biggest events take place down south in Dangriga, Hopkins and Punta Gorda.  PG hosts a “Battle of the Drums” on November 12th. Dangriga is the spot for a huge parade and Belikin Bash concert on November 18th and 19th.    San Pedro celebrates with lots of events including a Garifuna king pagaent, concerts and a re-enactment at dawn of the boat landing.  Eat hudut and bundiga and enjoy the amazing music and dancing all over Belize.

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NATIONAL REGATTA:  There are few things as cute as junior sailors in these little boats.  On November 12th and 13th, the 2011 Belize Optimist National Championship Regatta will take place in San Pedro.  Lot of kids from all over the country, ages 7 to 14, will be competing (including some from Liberty Children’s Home in Ladyville – an orphanage that provides a home to abandoned and abused kids) .  They race for the chance to (hopefully) prove their skills on an international level.  Come support and donate/help raise money.  How fun would it be to send some local kids to Australia or Italy?  Truly the chance of a lifetime.

BELIZE REPRESENTED IN THE WSOP:  The 2011 World Series of Poker will be airing on ESPN (and Channel 7 in Belize).  And Bob Bounahra, a resident of Belize City, Belize is in the final 9 – the November Nine!  Most bars will be airing it – from November 5th to November 8th.  Did you know that he could win millions as well as a diamond and gold encrusted trophy bracelet?  How Vegas!  I’m surprised it’s not a pinkie ring.

If you are a poker fan, why not route, route, route for the home team in his home country?  (That’s Bob on the left holding the shirt with his arm around a short unidentified older gentleman)

WEATHER:  Hurricane season is still officially “on” but your odds are getting much better.  November hurricanes are more rare as the weather and the sea start to get cooler.  While your skies are getting grey and possibly snowy, come visit us!  It will be warm and mostly sunny and, odds are, a heck of a lot nicer than where you are from.

AIRFARE & HOTEL PRICES:  Both are at their lowest this time of year.  Check or your favorite search engine for flights.  And hotels?  Forget looking on big websites, email your favorite directly and get the best rate.  Need ideas for places to stay?  Send me an email, I’m glad to give my favorites!

EVERYTHING IS OPEN:  All of the businesses that closed for renovations or vacations in September and October have re-opened.  Catch all restaurants and bars at the very best!  Even the dark, grim and graffiti covered bathrooms at the world famous Lazy Lizard Caye Caulker are surprisingly fresh and painted lavender.  Enjoy it while it lasts!

YOUR EXCURSIONS STILL WON’T BE PACKED:  No crammed catamarans.  No crowded stairs up the steps of the Mayan ruins.  You won’t be getting bumped by tons of other tubes while you are floating through a cave.  The crowds have not arrived yet.  Belize is all yours!  (Picture is of my mom at Xunantunich in November – no one there!)

So that’s it.  I hope to see you here in November.  I promise, you’ll love it.  And maybe I’ll buy you a Belikin.

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