Seafood, SAGA, Spicy Wings & Singing…Wednesday Night in San Pedro

In most places, Wednesday night is for dinner, TV and an early bed time.  In San Pedro, it could be the most happening day of the week.  Last night was no exception…there was too much going on.  So grab a seat and let me tell you about my night.

On my way into town, I stopped and had a beer at Mata Rock’s Squirrels Nest Bar (you don’t want to take a long walk thirsty).  The sea was absolutely dead calm.  Rain seemed to be looming but never came.  Good.

I then circled Ramon’s Village (like a hawk) since I heard the ladies from the next season of TV’s “The Bachelor” are in town filming and were stranded at Ramon’s by a rain storm.  Surely, they don’t want all that make-up to melt and those hair extensions to fall out.  DRAT!  I missed them.

I peeked inside Holiday Hotel and they are already in full swing for their annual Halloween bash.  It is one of…if not THE BIGGEST party of the year in San Pedro.  If you want to attend, this year it is Saturday October 29th.  9pm is when people walk the red carpet and half the town lines the streets to get a glimpse of the costumes.  (Yes, you heard me. Red Carpet)  Even if you don’t plan to go to the party, stop in over the next week and check out the cute decorations in the lobby and at the bar (they have a great little bar & a gorgeous patio over the beach)…your kids will enjoy it.  These guys don’t mess around.

Next stop was Crave Restaurant where they were hosting the monthly SAGA Cook-Off Event.  This month was seafood and the crowd was HUGE.  I knew that the fight for food was going to be fierce.

I bought raffle tickets from Mark and heard later that I won a toaster!  WOO HOO!  Oh wait…I already have a toaster.  Oh well…still good to be a winner.  And my next wedding invite or Secret Santa?  You know what you’re getting…

Everyone was having a really good time and the place was jam packed.  

 I mean seriously…look how happy everyone is.  Dov and Doug are downright giddy.

The line was LONG!

And as usual, the work of a blogger is tireless.  All work and no play.  The only food I tasted was off the plate of this innocent child.  I tried half a Lion Fish Cake (the one on the left smothered in some delicious flavored mayo) and it was really, really good.  And I heard this morning that they came in 1st place!  Wahoo’s Lounge, great job.  And you win bonus points for spearing the fish yourselves!

There were also 2 ceviches, 2 fish fingers and I think another type of fish cake.  SAGA, I promise to make a dish next time.  Please make it something cheap and easy.  Best Cocktail?  Best Food Prepared from A Box?  Or From a Can?

Thanks SAGA Humane Society for all the hard work.  It was a great evening and what a cute picture of Ingrid, the SAGA manager.

Off to AJ’s Bar for their new weekly Hot Wing eating contest (7pm and 9pm).  We arrived a bit early and, though there was a bit of a crowd, they only had a handful of contest participants.  Perhaps, AJ, it’s because your hot sauce is SO FREAKIN’ HOT.  Look at this fiery cauldron of wings.

The spoonful that we tasted of the homemade habanero sauce had my lips numb for a few minutes.  It’s tasty but beware.  Here is Dennis being spoon fed his peppery dose.  He was aflush for the rest of the night.

We tried the Thai wings with three sauces (ranch, spicy ranch and the HOT sauce) and they were delish.  I like the dry rub…nice touch.  Definitely head to AJ’s Bar when you are craving wings.

One more stop (though I had planned to make it an early night)…Roadkill Bar for their popular Wednesday night karaoke.

Island dogs were on the barbie.

It seemed like the whole crew from SAGA/Crave shifted over to Roadkill after the cook-off.  It was quite the crowd.

Wade showing off a recent A&R clearance purchase (wait!  everything at A&R is “last sale” — feel free to read about that place in my post from way back:  Bizarre San Pedro: A&R.  The store never fails to crack me up.)

And no, your eyes do not deceive you.  That person with the red demon eyes is Justin of Blue Iguana Restaurant.  Freshly back in San Pedro and re-opening the Blue Iguana for the season at the beginning of November.  Welcome back Justin.

I left just about the time the mosh pit formed.  Fun and funny night.  And Carlos, if you are reading this…what are those crazy glowing sandals that you were wearing?

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