Ten Days into Conch Season…My First Taste

I tried one time already.  I bought a pound of cleaned conch from a local fisherman for $10bzd (it’s the going rate on the island, give or take a dollar) while I was enjoying a Belikin at BC’s Beach Bar.  But after a few beers, “remember the conch you left in the bar cooler” is not exactly the first thought that jumps to your mind. Oh well…

Conch is one of my favorite foods in Belize.  I like a fritter, I love the soup, I like conch fingers but my true love?  Conch ceviche.  It is, in my humble opinion, the best way to prepare this strange looking food.  And I leave that preparation to the pros.  All that tiny chopping makes me a bit nutty.

Lucky for me, I can practically roll out of my condo to one of the best cevicherias in San Pedro.  El Divino at Banana Beach.  This picture shows the entire length of my walk.  Royal Palms, Mata Rocks and then Bananas (as it’s called by the locals).  Grueling, I know.

Here is the entrance to El Divino, the WELL AIR CONDITIONED restaurant and bar.  Valet parking for your golf cart?  Oh la la.

El Divino is a cool bar.  Very swanky and kinda 80s Miami Vice…or maybe 60s Rat Pack.  I love that it has a great bar, comfy chairs and couches, fantastic cocktails, super top shelf liquor, strong A/C, draft Belikin and LIGHTHOUSE and pleasantly dim lighting.  After scorching myself in the pool during the morning yapping to all of my neighbors, this combo was just what I was looking for.

Very Copacabana, don’t you think?

The lunch menu is good.  Burgers, sandwiches, nachos but go right for the ceviche.  Their special twist?  A few green olive sprinkled on top AND three sizes.   I got the small.  Enough for one STARVING person or two for a large appetizer.  Here she is:

Now take a look at the plate used for the large size.  It is about the size of a Thanksgiving turkey platter.  Either bring an inhumanely HUGE appetite or about 6 hungry friends.

A cold draft beer and a ceviche, a perfect lunch.  Sustenance enough to take the beach walk home.  I walked past the two pools and out the seaside door.

I am off to Hopkins Village, Stann Creek, Belize this morning.  Maya Island Air (only $40bzd each way!) to Belize Municipal Airstrip.  Taxi to the bus station in Belize City.  A bus thru Belmopan to Dangriga.  A few hours there and then to Hopkins Village.  http://www.allseasonsbelize.com/ or Bust!  Don’t fret, they have Wi-Fi.  You are going to hear ALL about it.

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